6:00pm - 8:00pm

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1201 International Affairs Building (420 W 118th St, 12th floor)

Please join the Harriman Institute and the Njegoš Endowment for Serbian Language and Culture at Columbia University's East Central European Center for a talk with Marija Šajkaš.

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U Beogradu imamo Kolarac, u Njujorku Karnegi hol. Obe sale nastale su zahvaljujući zalaganju istaknutih pojedinaca koji su imali ljubavi i sluha za potrebe svojih sunarodnika i do oba mesta se stiže upornim vežbanjem.

U Beogradu je Kalemegdan, a tamo Central park. Ko je bio na oba mesta – zna. Donji grad jako podseća na Centralni paviljon.

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New York City - The line-up of this year’s Queens World Film Festival (QWFF8) which closed on Monday, March 26, 2018, was current, exciting, and at times quite provocative.

It featured 189 indie films from 36 countries, themed in 53 blocks with films from all genres and topical themes including the environment...

by Priscilla Son

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“It is important to remember that journalists need artists as well. It is the duty of media to report on art and their readership expects them to do so as well.”

We all know media exposure matters in building up an artist’s career. The more visible and accessible the work, the more likely it will be discovered...

by Shona Kambarami

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Marija Šajkaš (pronounced as Maria Say-kash) is an SGPIA alum who is a communications and political consultant based in New York City. Her expertise lie in media, immigration, and transitional justice in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Marija also works as a foreign correspondent for a Belgrade-based weekly publication and her first novel was just translated into English...

by Valerie Sinden

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CIMA hosted a talk-show style discussion this week on the precarious situation for media in the Balkans, featuring Milka Tadic Mijovic of the Weekly Monitor and Marija Sajkas of the Media Diversity Institute. The panel, on April 2, opened with moderator Ivana Cvetkovic Bajrovic , NED’s senior program officer for Europe, setting the stage for why the conversation matters, especially in Washington where shifting priorities create an environment where massive investment may not necessarily have the follow up needed to truly improve a media environment.

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U galeriji Srpske nacionalne akademije u Torontu upriličena je zanimliva promocija romana "Svaštara Ester Jovanovič" autorke Marije Šajkaš iz Njujorka. Ovaj roman nije nov i objavljen je pre nekoliko godina u Beogradu, ali ni autorka, ni njeno delo dosad nisu bili javno, pred publikom, predstavljeni u Kanadi, odnosno u Torontu.



Dear Marija,

I am reviewing your adviser comments for the Freedom of the Press report on Serbia, and I wanted to tell you how incredibly informative and helpful they are. Thank you very much for your careful attention! The reports are better for it, not to mention that it makes my job easier.

Shannon O'Toole
Editor, Freedom in the World & Freedom of the Press